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In the current version of the NUTS-classification (EU system of the statistical territorial units) the NUTS 2 regions in Saxony correspond (from 02.03.2012) to the former administrative districts.
13111 SV-pflichtig Beschäftigte
Komplette Datenrevision (Erweiterung der Abgrenzung und Verbesserung der Modellierung) durch die Bundesagentur für Arbeit auf allen regionalen Ebenen und rückwirkende Korrektur bis zum Jahr 1999 - Löschung dieser ungültig gewordenen Daten -->Neueinspeicherung ca. im Oktober 2015
45211 Wholesale trade 45214 Motor vehicle trade
Keine Vergleichbarkeit der Beschäftigten ab 2013 mit den Vorjahren, da durch Bundesagentur für Arbeit verbesserte Modellierung der Beschäftigtendaten
31231 Update of residential buildings and housing stock
Results on the basis of the Census of Buildings and Housing 2011 (as on 31 May 2013)
45000 Monthly statistics of retail trade and motor vehicle trade
The data collection methodology of the monthly statistic of motor vehicle trade has been changed. The previous results of the monthly statistics of retail trade and motor vehicle trade are available in separate tables starting from reference month 09/2012.
71137 Quaterly cash results of municipalities
Presently there is a change of the accounting from cameralistics to the double-entry method. In 2012 almost a quarter of the Saxon municipalities and municipality associations applied the new double-entry accounting. During the change period the results may not be comparable. Due to this fact there is no dissemination of the quarterly data until further notice.

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